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This journal is published for the promotion of Bible knowledge, maintaining the historical accuracy of the Scriptures and validity of their miraculous and prophetic content viewed in the light of modern understanding. It stands for the pre-millennial Advent of our Lord and His reign of peace and justice on earth. It is supported entirely by the voluntary gifts of its readers and all such gifts are sincerely appreciated.


The Bible Study Monthly affirms that:

God has given life and sustains it. He has given life for a purpose within His creative design. Continued life is dependant upon union with Him and obedience to His laws. The Son was with the Father before the world began. He came to Earth as the Lord Jesus Christ. He suffered, died and was resurrected to life so that He might give life to the whole human race (John 3.16). He returned to the Father and from Him, He comes again at the end of this world to establish His Messianic reign over mankind. Christians have been invited to share their lives with Christ in total dedication. The body of believers through devotion and experience are prepared for Christ's work in the ages to come. Man was created sinless and undying. Disobedience was sinful rebellion against God's law and brought the consequences of evil and eventually death. Resurrection in Christ's Kingdom brings the possibility of undying life through acceptance of Christ. None of humanity will be eternally lost until they have understood the Gospel of Christ and know the difference between good and evil. Life will continue through eternity for all who come into union with Christ, in activity, development and achievement wherever God's creation exists. The Bible is the authority of Christian ethics and reveals God's activity among mankind from the beginning. Its narratives are factually true, its recorded miracles are authentic records and its records of prophecy reveal God's foresight of what will inevitably come to pass - the whole forming a stable background to the proper understanding of the Christian faith. Within Scripture is a code of ethics, particularly in the teachings of Jesus that provide mankind with teaching for a balanced and stable life. They give instruction on what God wants human beings to be and how they should live in harmony with one another. It also invites believers to share Christ's life which alone can give peace and happiness to all.

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Its Origin and Purpose


The Bible Fellowship Union has published the 'Bible Study Monthly' and literature since 1945 continuing a magazine founded in 1924. Its objective is to promote Bible knowledge. It has a special interest in Christ's Second Advent, God's kingdom on Earth and resurrection of all mankind. It upholds the historical accuracy of the Bible, including records of miracles. It investigates prophecy and the relationship of the Bible to modem discovery. It accepts the ethics of the Bible and their application to daily life. It encourages practical Christianity and the devotional life with God.


The BFU is non-profit-making. Its publications are available free to all who request them. Its work is supported entirely by gifts. BFU is governed by a Constitution as a registered charity. All work for BFU is voluntarily; all BFU funds are used to produce and distribute its publications. BFU is independent of other groups and is controlled by a self-perpetuating Council.

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