My Heartfelt Greeting

THE best of all good wishes flow from my heart to‑day:
That God’s great loving‑kindness may bless thee on thy way;
For with it comes all favour, the warmth of His embrace.
Sweet fragrance of His presence in every time and place.

’TIS joy for me to wish thee the fulness of His love,
So strong, so good, so mindful, and gentle as a dove.
Without this loving favour what would to us remain?
All earthly treasures worthless, and life spent here in vain.

O PRECIOUS thought to wish thee, the best He has to give.
To all who truly love Him who through His Word do live.
The glory of His purpose, with plan so wide and deep.
Brings hope to His beloved who will His precepts keep.

FRIEND, when these wishes reach thee, O breathe the prayer for me,
The echoes will arise to God in sweetest melody.
Then heart to heart we shall respond to Heaven’s glad refrain.
Which tells of joyous life to come beyond the hour of pain!