Thought for the Month

The first advent of Jesus was a very important time for Israel and for us and the people the world over. Jesus ministered for three and a half years before suffering and dying on the cross. People have not long finished celebrating his birth, however, this is the important time of year and the principal time and an event he instructed us to remember.

His death would draw all men unto him and therefore offer salvation to all those who have ever lived from the time of Adam till we reach those at the consummation of this age or world in a plan that concludes at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ and the church.

Mary of Bethany realised the significance of her master. She who had loved him and been a witness of her brother being raised from the dead. Jesus made it very clear that he knew he was going to be buried in a matter of days. But what a comfort she must have been to him at the time.

Jesus handed himself into the hands of his Father’s Will and fulfilled the commission in full which his Father had given him. That Will was finished on the cross. In so doing he set us an example that we in our imperfect way should strive to do his Father’s will also. At this time of the religious calendar we are more aware of what God’s will for him was and Christians now are directed to remember his death by partaking of the Lord’s Memorial (Supper).

The Power of God is supreme. It brought into existence all creation, did many miracles in the Old Testament and also rolled away the stone in front of the garden tomb. It also raised His Son from the dead with the ability to recall his past and open up the scriptures to his many disciples.

The second advent is the background to the prophecy in Zechariah chapter 14 and Jerusalem is once again the location in focus for the events he foretold.

One cannot consider Jesus’ death without his resurrection and the whole doctrine of the resurrection is key to the Christian faith.